Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy

If a reservation is canceled due to the customer's convenience, the following fees will be charged regardless of the reason.
Changes to the number of people in your reservation will also be treated as cancellation.

[If delayed]
We may treat it as a cancellation on the day.

[Operation Hours]
10:00 and 17:00
*Reservations received after 17:00 will be processed the next day.

[Peak season/Designated date]
1/1~3, 3/20~5/10, 11/1~11/30, 12/31

*Regardless of the following, if the event is held at an irregular time due to the customer's request, the rules at the time of private reservation will apply.

■Except for private reservations and groups
・On the day of participation: 100%

■Groups (10 people or more) *No cancellation fee for cancellations up to 10% of the number of people by 5:00pm the day before.
【Regular season】
・From 10 days before the scheduled date: 100%
【Peak season】
・From 20 days before the scheduled date: 100%

■Private reservation (more than 22 people or 22 person fee)
・From 30 days before the scheduled date: 100%

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